The Commonwealth Supreme Court shall hear appeals from final judgments and orders of the Commonwealth Superior Court. The Supreme Court shall have all inherent powers, including the power to issue all writs necessary to the complete exercise of its duties and jurisdiction under this constitution and the laws of the Commonwealth. The Supreme Court shall consist of a chief justice and at least two associate justices ... — NMI Const. art. IV, § 3

The Justices

Chief Justice Alexandro C. Castro

The Honorable Alexandro C. Castro was nominated to serve as the Chief Justice of the CNMI Supreme Court by Governor Benigno R. Fitial on September 13, 2012. He appeared before the Senate Committee on Executive Appointments and Government Investigations on October 10, 2012.

Associate Justice Manglona

Associate Justice
John A. Manglona

Justice John A. Manglona has been a justice of the Commonwealth Supreme Court since May 2000. He was also an associate judge in the Superior Court from 1998 to 2000.He served a four-year term as a Designated Justice in the Guam Supreme Court from 1999-2003.

Associate Justice Perry B. Inos

Justice Perry Borja Inos, born on Saipan on September 26, 1966, ascended to the bench as an associate judge on September 22, 2008.  He became an associate justice on March 8, 2013, after the Senate confirmed his nomination and he took the oath office as an Associate Justice.

Perry B. Inos, Associate Justice