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The Commonwealth Recorder’s Office is tasked with maintaining, updating, indexing, and retaining copies of real estate, commercial and personal property documents; marriage certificates; birth and death certificates; and other important documents. These documents can include maps, charts, copies of judgments, surveys, and other such papers.

In accordance with statute, the Recorder must provide public access to and make possible the duplication of all records. 

The Recorder’s Office is located at the Guma’ Hustisia in Susupe, Saipan. Currently, the Commonwealth Recorder’s Office is open only for appointments, telephone and mail contact from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The Acting Recorder is Rebecca R. Santos. She may be contacted at 

Filing Fees

If E-filing or E-services are used, additional costs are imposed: those costs include a $2/filing fee paid to the court and any service charges determined by the E-filing provider.

Type of Service


Recording of Documents (Deeds, Leases, Assignments, Powers of Attorney, and Other Conveyances)

$20 1st/pg. $2 each add’l pg.

Recording of Marriage Certificate


Recording of UCC Documents

$20/1st pg. $2 each add’l pg

Copy of UCC Documents


Recording of Maps


Electronic or Print Copies of Maps


All Other Recordings

$20/1st pg. $2 each add’l pg.