P.O. Box 502165
Saipan, MP 96950

Main Line 236-9715
Office of the Clerk of Court
Main Line 236-9717
Fax 236-9702
Gretchen A. Smith, Clerk of Court 236-9718
Nora V. Borja, Bar Administrator 236-9716
Justices’ Chambers
Main Phone Line 236-9800
Fax 236-9702
Alexandro C. Castro, Chief Justice 236-9709
John A. Manglona, Associate Justice 236-9710
Perry B. Inos, Associate Justice 236-9708
Main Line 236-9810
Fax 236-9702
Office of the Director of Courts
Sonia A. Camacho, Director of Courts 236-9807
Martha B. Mendiola, Programs & Resource Specialist 236-9804
Steven S. Cabrera, Administrative Assistant 236-9810
Budget and Finance Office
Main Line 236-9770
Cashier 236-9770
John T. Villagomez, Budget and Finance Director 783-4595
Evelyn P. Calvo, Accountant II 236-9812
Brian D. Salas, Accountant I 236-9770
Building Maintenance
Main Line 236-9816
Gerald E. Weaver, Building Superintendent 783-6592
Grants Management Office
Main Line 236-9805
James W. Stowell, Grants Administrator 783-7802
Human Resources
Main Line 236-9818
Michelle V. Guerrero, Human Resource/Administrative Officer 783-8592
Marshals Service Division
Main Line 236-9851
Jason T. Tarkong, Chief Marshal 783-4530
Information Systems Unit
Main Line 236-9806
Michael C. Villacrusis, Systems Administrator 783-4773
Main Line 532-9422
Michelle A. Mendiola, Administrative Specialist 532-9424
Fax 532-9423
Delia C. Barcinas, Deputy Clerk I 532-9422
Main Line 433-3410
Fax 433-0284
Joann A. Pangelinan, Deputy Clerk I 433-3410

P.O. Box 500307
Saipan, MP 96950

Main Line 235-4261
Office of the Clerk of Court
Superior Clerk of Court Main Line 235-4261
Patrick V. Diaz, Clerk of Court 235-4258
Novelyn A. Wania-Tenorio, Deputy Clerk III 235-4257
Daisy S. Mendiola, Deputy Clerk II 234-4253
Rosie T. Ada, Deputy Clerk II 783-8417
Okalani R. Shiprit, Deputy Clerk I 235-4261
Eva P. Calvo, Deputy Clerk I 235-4261
Sabrina Lynn Dela Cruz, Deputy Clerk I 235-4261
Kristy R. Diaz, Deputy Clerk II 235-4261
Relihna I. Keller, Deputy Clerk I 236-9703
Adeline C. Tereyama, Deputy Clerk I 235-4261
Lana C. Togawa, Deputy Clerk I 234-4253
John B. Demapan, Data System Analyst 236-9768
Judges’ Chambers
Main Line 235-4257
Hon. Roberto C. Naraja, Presiding Judge 235-4257
Hon. Kenneth L. Govendo, Associate Judge 236-9753
Hon. Joseph N. Camacho, Associate Judge 236-9751
Hon. Teresa K. Kim-Tenorio, Associate Judge 236-9754
Hon. Wesley M. Bogdan, Associate Judge 236-9752
Rochelle L. Vasquez, Special Assistant to the PJ 235-4257
Commonwealth Recorder’s Office
Main Line 236-9703
Fax 236-9831
Lucy S. Deleon Guerrero, Commonwealth Recorder 783-4981
Drug Court Division
Main Line 235-3784
Edward P. Diaz, Drug Court Manager 783-1480
Family Court Division
Main Line 783-7825
Joseph P. Villagomez, Family Court Manager  
Office of Adult Probation
Main Line 236-9870
Fax 236-9866
Simram W. Simram, Acting Chief Probation Officer 236-9871
Juan R. Aguon, Probation Officer III 236-9872
Barbara K. Santos Maliuyaf, Probation Officer I 236-9870
Priscillia C. Camacho, Probation Officer I 236-9864
Matilde H. Bermudes-Rasa, Probation Officer II 236-9874
Gwen T. Iguel, Probation Officer I 236-9887
Benjie G. Piteg, Probation Officer I 236-9867
Berliann P. Higgins, Probation Officer I 236-9865
Nadia Mae B. Moses, Assistant Probation Officer 236-9875
Josephine N. Estrada, Probation Office Clerk 236-9885
Main Line 323-5261
Hyun Jae Lee, Executive Director 783-6540

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