"Recovery is not for people who need it, it's for people who want it."

Drug Court Team Members at the 2019 NADCP Annual Training Conference.
Drug Court
Community Supervision Officer Luis T. Iguel, Jr. and Compliance Officer Frankie B. Camacho receiving firearms, flanked by the DC Judge, DC Manager, and Marshals.
Established in 2015 by PL 19-14, the Drug Court Division (“DCD”) is the CNMI’s first specialized, problem-solving court, incorporating drug dependency treatment with intensive court supervision for eligible offenders. This program was implemented according to National Association of Drug Court Professionals (“NADCP”) best practice standards and evidence-based strategies.

The development of the DCD is a response to the harmful effects of alcohol and methamphetamine abuse in our community. Combined efforts of the Judiciary, the Department of Public Safety (”DPS”), the Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”), the Office of the Public Defender (“PDO”), community leaders, members of the legislature, Community Guidance Center (CGC), and the Executive Branch tackle these problems with Evidence-based treatment programs. The DCD aims to enhance efficiency and sustainability, as well as to increase public knowledge of treatment courts and strengthen internal and external relations with relevant stakeholders.

The staff manage day-to-day operations, while the Presiding Judge, assigned Judge, and Manager ensure the successful implementation of the program and other treatment programs. Staff also serve as liaisons to other agencies and community programs, perform data collection and analysis, write grants, and assist in resource development and public outreach.